Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis Services

Heliosz provides Customer Analysis Services services that help enterprises to identify the target customers, understand the needs of the customer and show how the company’s products or services meets the customer need using customer behavioral analysis, customer demography analysis, personalized product service recommendations using predictive modeling, and 360 Degree Customer View. We also provide customer analytics consulting services for building customer segmentation, strategy, planning, churn management, and prediction.

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Recommendation Engine

We offer solutions for Building Predictive Analytics based models for predicting the future behavior of customers using predictive customer behavior.


Micro Segmentation

We offer Segmentation Solutions to segment customers into small groups and address individual clients on actual behaviors which further helps to engage with customers.


Customer 360 Degree

Creating a 360-degree customer view helps in Customer alignment, Drives customer Intelligence and Customer Loyalty.


Churn Prediction and Management

Customer churn and loyalty analysis help you identify customers who are not satisfied.